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Here we go...This is a short article about the last sessions of Možganska Gimnastika. The first session was on 5th of May, and from there we will have it every Wednesday at 10.00, in the Dom upokojencev Brežice. Just come and join us!

What is Možganska Gimnastika and for what can we use it?

The creator of this technique is Dr. Paul Dennison, clinical psychologist, who called it Brain Gym, and is the result of many studies in applied neuroscience and difficulties in learning. In the begining, it was created to help mostly children and adults with some kind of learning problems, like dyspraxia, ADHD, attention deficit, dyslexia, etc.  but after observing these great results, they started to use it to help all the range of age, and any kind of problems, and even with people without problems, just to help to obtain our greatest potential and obtain a better quality of life.  Možganska gimnastika is a set of coordinated and combined exercises  that  create new neuronal pathways thus experiencing new response patterns as neuronal communication is obtained faster and more naturally.

Brain Gym

This excersices can help us in many ways: Concentration and focalization, coordination and balance, strengthen learning skills and processes, improve memory and level of understanding, brain - manual coordination. With this exercises we work  Laterality (It is the ability to coordinate both cerebral hemispheres, especially in the middle field, needed for reading, writing and communicating), Concentration (ability to coordinate the upper and lower brain areas. This ability is related to emotions) and Focus (ability to coordinate the frontal and posterior lobes of the brain,and is related to participation and understanding). The exercises of možganska gimnastika facilitate brain integration in these three dimensions, and provoking or unblocking different neural connections.

We implement the Možganska Gimnastika in the Elderly Home, including in the program Večgeneracijski center Posavje. We introduced briefly a description of what is and for what is Brain Gym. Then we started the session with a warming up game. We seated in circle, holding our hands and concentrating in silence. I sent a series of 'pulsations' in both directions around the group discreetly squeezing the hands of those next me. The participants passed these pulsations through the circle, as if it were an electric current, squeezing the person's hand next to them and literally 'energizing' the group. After that we started with the first set of exercises, always with the priceless help of Mihaela and Katja in the translation into Slovenian language J




The last week finished with the Russian Night in MC klub, where together with traditional snacks (‘zakuski’), beverages (read = vodka) and music, people competed in a tricky test for Russianness, discovered new facts about Russian culture and language and enjoyed themselves while having their shots of the world-famous 40C drink.

The evening was opened by splendid Dmitry performing – guess what! –the sovietic hymn on the electric guitar. The greatness of this action felt in the air and made all the visitors stand up in full obedience and respect  :)) When the desired bizarre effect was reached, I came up on the stage to continue the evening, passing the ‘ushanka’ hat from Dima’s head to mine on the way.

Thanks to Urska, this brilliant guitar performance is recorded and you can watch it right now on your screen:

Later on the public got to know everything about our Russian pickling traditions and drinking-methods, and, of course, many wanted to try everything themselves straight away:


Gardening Živ Žav

Written by Published in Lorena & Sveta

On Saturday 8th we had the Gardening project in the Živ Žav.

The weather this morning was so nice, so we just went out to make the Živ Žav, and all the kids were very happy about the decision. We took the tables, chair and colors outside, and we settled in a nice and sunny place in the MC's garden...


IMG 20170408 093649  IMG 20170408 093256


We started to coloring the draws of the diferent vegetables and tools that we will use for the activity. We colored tomatoes, beans, carrots, shovels...

Then, I teach them how are those names in Spanish, and...they are quite good in pronunciation!


IMG 20170408 100227   IMG 20170408 101008


After coloring the draws, and talk a little bit about how they think we can do it, we prepared the labels to identify what is inside of the containers, and then we started to prepare the tools for plant the seeds.

We prepared some plastic cups to contain the seeds and germinate them during the next weeks. We maked some holes  to let the water through. Next step was put soil in the plastic glasses, and we selected what we wanted to plant. We put the seed into the soil (carrot seeds, paprika, tomatoes,lettuce, cuccumbers...) and we covered it with more soil.


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