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Hey Guys!

A quick update from a Polish girl diary!

So, unfortunately our trip to Ankaran for the training was cancelled. Covid took over everyone and we needed to reschedule our plans. I was expecting to eat a real Italian pizza, but instead of me and Stefan ate…a real Lidl pizza which was quite decent (there is no product placement here).

But, apart from that I am continuing my travelling plan. I climbed Saint Vit with a group of friends. We’ve been lost in the forest for around twenty minutes but we found our way up to the Hill. I must admit that there is a nice view from the top of it. Of course, I have rung the bell of the church in believe that my wish will come true. I would tell you what was that but I don’t want to jinx it ;)

So here, I am posting a picture of me and Jackson to boost your energy.


                                                                                          Jackson giving a small kiss on my cheek

As I am a fan of nature, every weekend I am riding a bike around the neighborhood to know more about it. And, for example, I visited Mostec, in which I met the goats who wanted to talk with me. They were very friendly and I wish nobody from the habitants saw me talking to them.


                                            The Goat (let's call her Charlie)

Also, I visited the castle in Mokrice, which impressed me. Nearby there is a small park in which I could meditate and prepare for the next week of work.

‘What work?’ you will ask.

Well, as me and Stefan started with our tasks. At first we did the brainstorming about the ideas that we could implement during the period of our project. When we decided on some of them we met with the other volunteers to discuss that. We decided that one of the core projects will be leading a podcast about the climate change, so we are both working on that by researching, preparing the info, recording, editing and also promoting. Keep fingers crossed!

The Halloween weekend was also very productive. We invited other volunteers and our coordinator for the storytelling event. During that evening we were sharing experiences, which were interesting, amusing, sometimes scary. It was a nice way to know each other more and integrate as a group. I also got to know some spooky stories from our surroundings.


                                                                                               The storytelling event on Halloween night

Last week we also had an on-arrival training with other volunteers and we had a lot of activities to do. We were discussing our common difficulties we needed to face, were supporting each other, because some of us suffer from being homesick. I felt better after these sessions, because I realized that I am not the only one who have similar experiences with changing the environment and dealing with new tasks. That was empowering.


The trainers also separated us in small project groups in which we needed to work during the training. Here’s there is a teaser of my group’s work!


            Intercook - organisation that provides food for people who are in crisis because of Corona and share the food   
           culture from their own countries

So in a nutshell – we were learning about new competences we will gain, supporting and motivating each other and spreading new ideas for projects. I feel like I took some inspirations from the experience, so maybe you will see some results soon J

We are learning Slovenianian and I need to say that I have my favourite word already - trepalnice. Let's say that it has a connection with Polish so I can remember that. Anyway, I already can order a coffee and pay in the shop with no bigger problems (only sometimes). Sem Kasia in rada jem testenine ;) 

Okey dokey, going to work now. Stay tuned!





after my 21 hours bus trip from North Macedonia to Slovenia, i was finally here.       but in a meantime...  i was stuck on the serbo-croatian border with the other passengers for about 10 hours. there were some people from the bus who were trying to smuggle some lugagge full of fake clothes and the border police caught them. the rest of the passengers started to panic: what if they send us back?;  what the hell is going on?; how much time we are supposed to stay here?.        there was nothing much you could do except of staring at one point, and thinking about nothing in particular.  when the foggy morning had just begun, the driver said: we'll move forward!          the green hills and vineyards started to appear more and more from the bus windows, 'o' driver, please drop me here!

                                                                                                 O'     L  I  T  E  R     L  I  T  E  R   set me free!

after a 30 hours or so of not having sleep, i've finally stepped to the promised land with the body full of energy drinks and sugar candies.   later, i've had a chance to meet with the Liter Liter speciality. it's a mix of a red wine (cvicek) and mineral water. we don't have it in our culture, so it was something new for me.  a new taste which made things better.   Liter Liter started to go slow 'n easy through me, and put me back to normality. there were no more bus trip stresses! just one more glass and everything goes allright!

later then i walked through the appartment, entered my door, and fell asleep on my super strong bed. there was a light which still shines arround the church of Saint Vid, while i was slowly sinking into my dreams. It was a nice Liter Liter welcome!


New arrivals

Written by Published in Katarzyna & Stefan



Bok! Cześć! Hello!

If you have notice some new face around the city walking in the hoodie, that’s your new volunteer! My name is Kasia and I come from Poland, Wrocław. Came here to participate in the project of increasing awareness about the climate change through art. I was lucky because I didn’t need to go through the quarantine process, so at least I could enjoy these first days in Slovenia being in a nature.

So the first week was all about accommodating and actually finding myself in a new place. I was still waiting for my flatmate to come so I was using all the facilities by myself. Looking around: ‘Ok, here’s a shop, here’s the organization, here there is a tržnica where I will buy all the grocery’ (by the way I have already checked that out and I have just eaten the best strawberries in my life!).

During my first week I helped with preparing an exhibition about Medieval castles in Slovenia. I learned some technics how to glue the pieces of art in a professional way so they will not get destroyed. If you will come soon to MC Brežice you may still have the opportunity to see it!

castle cool 2

During weekends I’m sightseeing a lot – because I got a bike I was able to see the nuclear plant next to Krško and the rubbish dump close to it. Despite to the local objects I was also resting in a nature and enjoying the last sunshine!

121483744 743128983084059 3513531681472858947 n

                                     The transmission tower and the Rocket

I also had the opportunity to go to Bizeljsko for the guided tour and see the wine manufactures. Did you know that the winery in that town is located in the exact same place where it was the sea before (ok, it was a long time ago, because around 5 millions years ago, but still)? The venue looks like heaven, with all of the farms around and hills full of grapes. I think I found the spot where I could relax in the nature and forget about the rest J


121492288 2775796139302175 554552597954698209 n

                                                                                                  Bizeljsko winery

On the same trip we also visited a place where they have collected a lot of maiolkas from all around the world. My favorite one was in the shape of camel – they were from Morocco. We tried ajdov and the local wine as well which was a nice cultural introduction to the local cuisine. 


121288326 268634267709554 8590431473730750120 n

                       Trying the ajdov and the local wine in 2020 style

This was the beginning of the adventure I’m in right now. There will be an arrival training soon in Ankaran close to the Italian border and I’m looking forward to it! Hopefully it will not get cancelled because of corona ;)




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